My name is Ellen and I am a mom, wife, and hopefully soon to be friend!  I am so glad you landed on my blog and hope you find interesting, helpful, fun reads here.  I strive to give you a variety of content here.  You will find everything from make-up tips, new mom blunders, meal planning (a HUGE passion of mine), and a little bit of my life in between.

Fun Facts

I created Life in Between to connect with other moms, bloggers, people trying to get through a day, wine drinkers, and anyone looking for a good cup of coffee and read.  I am a full time working mom and some days it feels like I am barely hanging on and some days it feels like I have it all together.  (Sometimes in the same day!)  I had our first child, Luna, on March 20, 2017.  She is the light of our lives.  My first two babies, are two Chihuahuas who are insanely close to being a real baby.  I married my husband, Austin in 2014.  He is the most fun!  We love binging Netflix shows, staring at the baby, trying new things and places, and running!  We are both avid runners and ran our first 5k in 2013.  Austin discovered he was pretty good at it, since he won 1st place in his age division, and the following months I ran my first half marathon and he ran his first full marathon.  Since then, I have done 10+ half marathons and one full.  He has done several full marathons, including Boston twice, and most recently completed a full Ironman.  (Read: INSANITY!)

I love South Carolina football, Austin went to Clemson…ack.  I love all things Gamecocks and Carolina Panthers.  When I was younger my dad helped my develop a huge love for the Panthers and its something we love watching together.

We live in the beautiful city of Greenville, South Carolina.  We love it here.  After moving around to several different cities, we have finally found a home here.

I hope you will find a home here at Life in Between and come back to visit me.  New momhood has been SO challenging, especially while working and finding balance.  I hope my experiences can help and we can connect on life, whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, mom to two Chihuahuas, runner, or frequent Bravo television binger, you have a home here!  What won’t be accepted here is any type of mom shaming, guilt, or negativity.