I use Amazon for just about everything.  Carpet cleaner, diapers, wipes, kids shampoo, my shampoo..you name it I’m Amazon-ing it.  I have ordered a ton of stuff over the past probably 5 years and going through everything I have ordered is insane.  A comprehensive list that just makes you say, I’ve spent HOW MUCH?!?  But here is a list of my top Amazon finds comprised into one post.

  1.  This Baby Mirror – These are the BEST car baby mirrors.  They are so sturdy and they are so clear.  I have had two Britex mirrors before we got these and they were smaller mirrors with what looked like a film over the mirror.  And I did remove the actual film.  The actual mirror portion is so large and I can see the kids both so well.
  2. The Squatty Potty – This is one of Shark Tank’s best inventions.  Just try it for yourself.
  3. Faux Louis Vuitton Wallet – This was fourteen dollars.  It matches my Louis Neverfull perfectly.  I also love that I can drop my cell phone inside of this one and go.  One of my favorite Amazon top finds.
  4. An amazing shower head – For the price, I was very skeptical of this one.  It really has the feel of a luxury shower head.  I was shocked at how easy it was to install and how pretty it looks.  It also has great pressure and we have loved it.  As if being a mom to two under two you need a reason to love a shower anymore, here it is!
  5. This Diaper Bag – I fought having a backpack diaper bag for a very long time.  I thought oh no, I don’t need that I’ll make my Neverfull work.  Well, let me tell you…don’t fight it.  Just get the bag.  The straps and backpack aspect make life so much easier.  It has tons of space and compartments and I can easily find things that I just toss in their.  It also has an insulated front pocket for bottles..
  6. This Nursing Bra – I tried for a long time to find a nursing bra with support, and this one came up.  It is very supportive and keeps everything high and not saggy.  It doesn’t feel super uncomfortable
  7. This Dog Bed – This dog bed is amazing.  I wanted a nice bed for my senior chihuahuas who can no longer jump on the couch and lay on the floor a lot more.  I needed something that would support their bodies and be comfortable for them to lay around in and easily portable.  This bed fit the bill.  It is SO comfortable and fluffy and also is safe to put in the washer and dryer which was another must.  The bed arrived totally flat and vacuum sealed, but fluffed up so much my daughter wanted to lay in it too!
  8. This Glider – Having two kids 16 months apart, you need a new set of everything.  Things that you thought you would be done using, you aren’t.  So, I needed a new glider but didn’t want to spend a fortune.  I found this one on Amazon and at 200 bucks it was hard to pass up!  It arrived in one large box (PRIME shipping!) and was super easy to put together.  It fits in our sons room perfectly and the only downfall is there was no matching ottoman with it, but I can overlook that at half the price of other rockers!
  9. This Comforter Set – I needed a set for my guest bedroom, but again didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  I didn’t expect too much from this, but was very pleasantly surprised.  It is great quality and has tons of matching pieces with it.  I can’t stress enough what a great buy this was.
  10. This Bed – I am SHOCKED by what you can get off of Amazon.  We are moving into our new house and I wanted a new bed to go along with the new house.  I have been perusing Wayfair and other places, but decided to just look at Amazon to see what they had to offer.  Holy.  Moly.  This bed was originally less than $300, but when I went back to purchase it was over $300, but still a STEAL.  It arrived and is so beautiful in person.  It seriously looks like something you get out of Restoration Hardware or similar caliber.

There you have it.  A comprehensive list of Amazon top finds that have changed my life.  What are some of your must have Amazon top finds?

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