Welcome Back Friends!

We are in the process of moving, so this week I only meal planned a few nights.  I hate food going to waste so trying to avoid that.  Without further adieu here are this weeks menus:

Monday – Chili in Crockpot (No real recipe, just a lot of beans, meat, and tomatoes)

Tuesday – Mongolian Beef with rice and roasted broccoli

Wednesday – Taco Bowls (Every single Wednesday)

I am not positive of our plans for the weekend, so I just got sandwich meat, a frozen pizza, and chips for the weekend.  I always keep some of the Annie’s Organic freezer meals on hand for Luna and also Annie’s Mac and Cheese.  This way even if we have to run and pick something up after she goes to bed, she is at least always taken care of.

This is just a super simple meal plan for the week to get us through.  I also have purchased bars, snacks, and yogurts to toss into our lunches.  The crock pot chili usually makes several days worth of meals/lunches.  Next week I will be sharing a meal prep for on the go lunches!  So stay tuned for that!


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