First I will start off by saying, I am just now understanding and navigating my way around two under two.  I have no routine, no structure, no balance, no semblance of normalcy right now.  So, these are just a few things I have learned within the first three months of two babies under two.

Get used to eating at home.  This took me a little too long to realize.  Going out to eat, unless we have a sitter is not happening right now.  Its too difficult and honestly not worth it yet.  When we had just one non-mobile child and long before babies, I loved going out to eat.  It was one of my favorite past times.  I love restaurants and love trying new foods.  But, as of now, that part of my life is on hold.  I know it will be back eventually, but something I once loved has turned into a terrible chore.

Be intentional about your time.  This is probably my biggest tip for surviving two under two.  Take time for yourself.  Set some sort of time period where you are not a mom, wife, chef, chauffer, or a booger wiper.  You are a woman who needs a break.  I started with 10 minutes of reading in my bedroom with my door closed after one child went to bed.  If you are not intentional with your time, this time alone will never happen.  Take this time every single day.

Meal plan.  Make life easier any way you can.  Sunday set your week up for success, especially if you are a working mom.  This helps you not rush around when you get home from work and haven’t seen your babies all day.  You can take the extra time to relax and just play because dinner is in the crock pot or already made.  Meal planning may take me a little longer on Sunday, but every other day during the week it saves me a tremendous amount of time.  Check our this post on meal planning for some ideas.

Ask for help.  You are one woman.  Moms are indeed super heroes, but we cannot possibly do it all.  Lower your expectations for a little while and just survive.  This is so hard for me personally to do, but it is necessary for a little while.  If you have family near by don’t be afraid to ask someone to come watch one child while you have a break, or both!  If someone asks what they can do instead of saying the cliché, “I’m good!”, tell them a specific way they can help you.  Dinner one night, scoop a pack of diapers, sit with me while I feel like an adult, anything!

Invest in a good carrier.  A good infant carrier will be your lifesaver.  I didn’t use an infant carrier with my first child.  With my second I don’t leave home without it!  I cannot imagine life not having this, especially when you are home by yourself with both of them!  Your toddler is most likely running in all different directions, and you need both hands!  The infant carrier will save you and allow so much more freedom all while comforting your infant.

One in the infant carrier, the other on a hip.  Mom so hard!

Know you are not in this alone mama.  It can feel like you are in a constant state of taking care of everyone and everything, but it gets better.  These are the dark times and those babies need you for a lot right now, but it gets better.  Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out for professional help if you need it too.  It really is that hard taking care of two under two and you are doing an amazing job at it, even if you feel like you aren’t.Please reach out to me if you have any questions, apprehensions, or just about my experience in general.  Having two under two (mine are 16 months apart!) is not easy and having a tribe of others beside you is such an amazing tool.


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