Sunday is always my day of meal prepping and making everything for the week.  I try to go ahead and make my week as smooth as possible by making as much as possible.  This week, I placed my Walmart grocery online pickup order on Saturday and set pick up for early Sunday morning.  With two under two and being a full time working mom, my priorities for meals are quick, easy, and healthy.  Getting into a routine, and I seriously thrive off routine, is the most helpful for me.  So here are my plans for this week:


Its so easy to plan something that can be made on Sunday and then portioned out into Tupperware for everyone’s lunches.  When the kids are older this will be awesome too.  This week I premade a spur of the moment dish lemon chicken.  I roasted off red potatoes diced, then put asparagus and chicken in a lemon juice marinade for about 30 minutes and popped that in the oven as well.  Top with some spices and called it a day!


Sunday : Crock pot day!  Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Monday:  Sheet pan meal.  This week it is Sausage and Veggies *Cut all your veggies, meats, etc, and put them in a gallon sized Ziploc bag on Sunday.

TuesdaySpinach Feta Chicken Burgers *Premade these and patty them out on Sunday.  The recipe calls for ground turkey but I have always used ground chicken instead.

WednesdayTaco Bowls *This is the same meal we have every single Wednesday night.  I pre-make the quinoa and black beans on Sunday, but refrain from cooking any meat that wont be eaten until Wednesday.  Inspired by this recipe, but use ground beef and instead of rice we use quinoa.  Will do an updated post on how I make mine this week.

ThursdayApricot Chicken *Takes a little longer so I may make this Friday instead and have my Flex Day here!

Friday:  Free Day 🙂

Saturday:  Flex Night *I always plan on the unexpected occurring.  If someone works late, or we’re running behind getting home etc.  So, I try to plan 5 meals and not waste anything.  Inevitably, something will go bad and not get eaten, but usually we’re pretty good about not wasting.  For flex nights I also keep a few Amy’s Organic freezer meals on hand for the kids to eat.  These are healthy, quick, and painless for nights that just get away from us.



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