Surviving a summer pregnancy in the south is not something that is easy.  My daughter was born in March and I was pregnant almost entirely through the winter and much cooler months.  Even when I delivered it was spring, but it was beautiful weather.  I was able to go on walks still for two months or so after delivery before it got unbearably hot.  While I will be able to start on walks after this baby and have it just ushering in fall weather, fall weather is not a guarantee of cooler temps in the south.  There have been a few keys of survival this go around with pregnancy.

Maternity swimsuits

Ugh, trust me this was the last thing I wanted to purchase.  But, we have a pool in our neighborhood and take Luna down there almost every weekend.  I didn’t want to put the swim suit on at first so I wouldn’t order one for a while.  But eventually I broke down and WHY DID I NOT DO THIS SOONER!?  The water makes you feel very much weightless when you are at your biggest.  I felt so much less pressure on pretty much my entire body.  I didn’t know how bad my joints were feeling until I felt the pressure relief of the pool.


This was another one I was not looking forward to, but knew I needed these.  Typically in my non-maternity life, I don’t wear shorts.  I am not exactly sure why, but something about shorts just does not make me feel good.  But, in my maternity life, I live in them.  I wear a lot of dresses but sometimes you just need your legs to look like two separate beings.

light-weight leggings

This was a must have for me.  During my winter pregnancy, I had some amazing heavy thick Rune leggings that I absolutely loved.  But, this pregnancy they are just too hot for everyday wear.  When I am tired of wearing dresses to work or my legs are chaffing together from no separation, I needed pants.  These leggings from Motherhood Maternity were my go to and I anticipate they will be my go to postpartum as well.  They are durable and comfortable and I live in them now.  They will also go in my hospital bag.

baby powder/gold bond

For above mentioned chaffing.  When you are pregnant, you already are warmer than usual.  So in the middle of the summer I realized I was sweating kind of a lot.  The top of my inner thighs started rubbing together as my stomach got bigger and I realized if I was going to be wearing shorts and dresses, I needed a little relief.  Baby powder is a lifesaver for the really hot, humid days.  I keep a small thing in my purse as well!

massive water cup

You have to stay super hydrated when pregnant.  When you are going to be exposed to 100+ temps and 90% humidity you have to basically drink your body weight in water.  I didn’t take this seriously enough and started having contractions at 30 weeks.  So, I seriously upped my water intake.  I have found that ice cold water or water with some sort of flavor makes it way easier for me.  I purchased this tumbler and these straws in order to have the coldest water possible.  For when this one is dirty or being washed, I also have a 32 ounce Yeti that gets rotated in as well.  The straws were the biggest game changer for me as far as ice cold water goes.  Something about the metal straw just keeps it colder and makes it just as icy as it hits your mouth.  I eventually started to crave water and finally feel hydrated enough.

These are just a few of the things I found I could not live without in the hottest times of the year.  In South Carolina, the humidity is just awful when it gets too hot and it can all make an already uncomfortable time, even worse.  Hang in there and know there is a means to an end.  Hopefully some of these will help you as well!

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