Since week 34 is now behind us, I thought I would provide you with a little pregnancy recap of how it went.  I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.  I feel like everyone does say that, but having a toddler running around you are always on the go!  We found out I was pregnant with this baby VERY early.  Since this pregnancy was so unexpected, I actually can’t believe how early we found out.  I hit 35 weeks pregnant yesterday and will have my c-section around week 39 if he doesn’t decide to come naturally before then.  I am a repeat c-section but a good contender for a VBAC and I would love to try that route.


Baby is weighing in close to 6 pounds and I am measuring right on track with my fundal height.  *They were at first concerned about him being a little too large, but it seems like all is well.

I am feeling large everywhere, but really most of my weight is contained to my stomach.  I feel like with my first pregnancy I gained weight everywhere, especially my face.  But, this pregnancy I am feeling like its mostly stomach/baby.  I have gained 31 pounds so far with this pregnancy.  With this pregnancy, I am trying to stay in the 25-35 range, as with Luna I was up 40+ pounds!  Hopefully, I have almost stalled out at my weight gain though so I think I will stay close to the range.


So far no real symptoms that would indicate much.  I have had some period type cramps lately, and increased discharge.  But, mostly normal 35+ week symptoms.  He is head down so I think I will have a little more labor symptoms than I did with Luna.

Birth Plan:

The past week we visited the maternity ward for the hospital I will be giving birth at since my doctor has switched practices.  My doctor and I have decided that if labor comes on its own naturally, I will try a VBAC.  If he does not decide to come by 39 weeks, I will have a c-section.  My doctor is extremely supportive of trying for a VBAC but doesn’t want me to go over 40 weeks or be induced.  Since these two pregnancies are so close together, there is just a little more risk associated with VBAC than there normally would be.  I feel ready for either, but I would like to feel what a natural birth feels like since I know this will be my last baby.

As this pregnancy starts to wrap up, I find myself getting so emotional sometimes about not having this ever again.  I have so enjoyed being pregnant, more so with my first because hers was just an easier overall pregnancy.  But, having a big bump and feeling a baby you created move around is such an amazing feeling that I will miss.  But, the next phase of life, raising two children 17 months apart, is sure to be one filled with many fun adventures in itself.

Comparison of the two pregnancies!  Luna the week before I delivered and this pregnancy at 34 weeks!  Although he doesn’t measure big as of now, he certainly does look bigger than Luna.  Also note the weight gain all over versus just the stomach!  Boy vs. girl?  Or first pregnancy vs. second?  Thoughts??

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