So, since it hasn’t been too terribly long that I have had my first child, I didn’t think there would be that much that I needed.  And while there isn’t a ton, there are definitely some baby products that I wish I had the first time around, or products that I see now would have and will make my life easier.  Having 2 under 2 is going to be hard no matter how you slice it.  But these are some of the baby products I have purchased that I think will make my life easier:

 Milkies Milk-Saver – I think out of everything I am MOST excited for this product.  When I was breastfeeding my first, I had to carry a burp rag with me every time I fed her.  I would leak so badly on the first breast while I was feeding her that I would almost drown her if I wasn’t careful.  These are made to slip into your bra during a feeding and basically catch and save the milk that I wasted last time!  I have read rave reviews on this, but they are a little pricy.  And only one comes in a package, but you really only need one!  I can’t wait to give these a try and see how much milk I can actually save!

Sit Me Up Floor Seat – I have a girlfriend who has 2 under 2 as well and she recommended this product to me as her most used product!  I was about to purchase a dock a tot, but she said this was way more efficient for basically getting the baby out of the way of the toddler.  And at a way cheaper price point I am sold!  The bumbo cannot be used until the baby is a little older.  But, this is way more supportive than a Bumbo and can be used earlier.

Nursing Night Light – This was recommended to me by a friend who has this and uses it with her first.  With Luna, I was always terrified of falling asleep (and did that often) while middle of the night feedings.  This is a night light, which gives off a soft glow and also has a vibrating buzzer for every 5 minutes to keep you awake!  This will be great also to see and make sure your baby is latched correctly, without having to turn on lights.  I also read in the reviews it is great for diaper changing as well.

FlexxiCam Holder – Although I won’t be using this until he transfers into his own crib, I am so excited about this product.  We had a TERRIBLE time figuring out where to put the monitor without having wires running everywhere.  And when we did find a location to put it where the wires were to the side, there is a space where you just cannot see in her crib.  This doesn’t have as many reviews as some of the other products, but it does have great ones.  The bendable arm will help you position the monitor in ways the monitor wasn’t meant to go.  Most monitors are just meant to hang on the wall or sit upright.  I am very excited about this product as well.

Manual Breast Pump – This was something for my first child I did not think I needed.  I still am not completely sold on it, but do see much more of a benefit in having it.  Once at work, I brought my entire pump bag, but forgot my flanges.  This is a time when the manual breast pump would have really come in handy.  And for less than $10, its worth the try!  I will do a full update on this when I am finished breastfeeding!

I will do a full report on if these really helped.  After one though, I feel like these will make life easier.  Some of this would have been so helpful for my first, but I am really looking to make life easier now!  What are some baby products you couldn’t live without?  Any with 2 under 2?

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